Types Of Corporate Events

In many countries hotels resorts and conference centres earn above the average when organisations wish to arrange their conferences at these venues. A corporate event is a gathering of employees, stakeholders and clients where the company sponsors the entire session. Most of these gatherings are organised by event management companies Brisbane. These planners and their industry has grown throughout the years and some of these companies work for bigger organisations based on contracts. In smaller organisations, the staff and the human resource department gets together and arrange everything.

There are many different type of corporate events and a few that has been explained.

Seminars and conferences

These assemblies focus on a target audience which provides information. They are short events that are scheduled to be over within the day with certain exceptions where some seminars are held for three days or more. It takes minimum half or maximum two days to organise a seminar or conference. Usually these assemblies have a keynote period and then a topic breakout time.

Trade Shows

Many companies tend to register themselves at trade shows. Sometimes one company will be the host or will be sponsoring for the entire event in order to show the public that they are the industry leader. These organisations will have both planners and employees working together as well-trained event staff. When getting everything together, negotiating skills are needed to get hold of a booth space, marketing the products at the event.

Incentive and retreat programs

Most organisations pay the most amount of money for each person in this category of events. They are usually held at luxury hotels or resorts which also gives the organisation good exposure. They usually deal with heavy discussions of development of the business and brainstorming new ideas to improve the business. Accommodation, transfers, meals and the venue for the meetings and discussions must be looked into carefully.

Award ceremonies

This is the night where employees can be carefree and enjoy the night with their peers. It includes cocktails, dinner, a dance floor with a live music or a disk-jockey. Regardless of the level within the organisation, employees all get together and have a good time.

Product launches

This is an event where an organisation will release a new product or inform about a new service that is available to the product. These launches are usually for business to consumer organisation. The media usually gets involved once they are invited and they will provide publicity to the organisation. These events usually take about one to two weeks to prepare as the responses from the invitees must be anticipated for.
There are other events such as board meetings, team building events, gold events and open days that an organisation will need to hire planners. Just provide the planners the exact requirement and let them know the type of event you are looking for and let them work their magic!